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Blog - Summer Feet at The Brookdale Clinic

4 Tips for Keeping Your Summer Feet Sweet

Embarrassed by the state of your feet?  With the weather improving it’s time to shake off the socks and get into those open-toed cool shoes.

Lisa Searle at The Brookdale Clinic


Today, our podiatrist Lisa Searle shares some top tips for keep them looking and feeling great.  Over to you Lisa…



Keep your feet sweet!

As the weather gets warmer and your feet start to feel hot and sweaty, it’s essential that you look after them properly by following a few basic hygiene tips;

  1. Wash your feet every night with soap and warm water before going to bed.  Leaving feet dirty and sweaty can increase the risk of irritations and infections.
  2. Dry them thoroughly and pay special attention to the area between the toes.  Leaving this area damp provides an ideal environment for the development of a fungal infection such as Athlete’s Foot.  If you’re prone to this type of infection use an antifungal treatment in either a cream, powder or spray form.
  3. Using a foot file regularly and applying an emollient cream each day can reduce the formation of calluses, helping to keep the skin soft and smooth.  There is an increase in shearing stress between the skin and your footwear whilst wearing sandals or flip flops, and this can lead to dry, hard skin which can crack and form splits in the skin – often seen around the heels.
  4. Finally, remember to apply sunscreen to the top of your feet – always!  People know to apply sunscreen to the face and body, but will often miss their feet.  It is just as important to apply to the feet especially if they are exposed to the sun. 


If you do suffer from nail problems, corns and calluses it is always advisable to seek advice and treatment from a state Podiatry at The Brookdale Clinicregistered podiatrist.

So – there you have it!  Lisa usually see patients here in the clinic on a Wednesday and Thursday, treating several different foot problems.  Each 30-minute appointment allows her to check over the state of your feet and tend to them effectively.  Home visits can also be undertaken where needed by prior arrangement.

And whilst you’re with us, why not treat yourself to a toenail file & polish?  Ask the receptionist to book your follow-on appointment with our resident skin & beauty expert Josna.

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