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How to ‘Ace’ that Tennis Elbow!

Just over a month until tennis season really kicks in at The Queen’s Club and of course at Wimbledon!!

With the weather warming up we’re seeing more flesh on show as sportsmen and women up and down the country strip back (literally!) to partake in all manner of sporting activities.  Will you be one of them?

Anyone for tennis?

This weekend (12th & 13th May 2018) sees another of the successful Great British Tennis Weekends taking place, with thousands of free family friendly events on offer across the UK.  You can try Mini Tennis sessions, enjoy family time, free play, Cardio Tennis as well as numerous other activities in a safe and supportive environment.  Can’t make this weekend?  There are more planned!

Raise your hand if you’ve suffered with Tennis Elbow

tennis elbow symptoms from CSP - treated at The Brookdale Clinic

Image: Chartered Society of Physiotherapy

One of the common problems that we treat resulting from over-exertion at this time of year is the classic ‘tennis elbow’, which occurs as a result of straining the muscles and tendons in the arms.


Pain that radiates from the elbow and along the back of the arm to the fingers can be debilitating, particularly if you try to ‘keep calm and carry on’ as normal! Whilst it can be quite painful and can impact on your everyday lifestyle (driving, lifting heavy shopping bags, even brushing your hair can be difficult!) there are solutions out there!


Obviously, paracetamol and other painkillers can reduce any initial tennis at The Brookdale Clinicpain, but visiting one of our Physiotherapists who use several methods to help you regain movement could be key to your recovery; massage and manipulation will help to reduce stiffness, encourage blood flow into the arm and relieve the associated pain.

It’s likely that they will also suggest exercises to mobilise your arm and strengthen the forearm muscles.

In more severe cases, it might be necessary to use a brace, add strapping or a support bandage too.


We hope you manage to get out and enjoy a few hours of activity playing tennis  this summer – other sports are available!

Please call us on 01565 651832 and book in with one of our Physiotherapists should you be unfortunate enough to sustain an unwanted injury.