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Benefits of cycling - Bike Week 17

Benefits of Cycling – Bike Week 2017

We’re cycling our way towards the peak of another Bike Week here in the UK.

From Saturday 10th June-Sunday 18th June (ok, it’s 8 days but covers 2 weekends – see what they’ve done here?!) people in the UK are being encouraged to dust off their 2 wheelers and get out into the fresh air and cycle.  It’s an opportunity “to promote cycling, and show how cycling can easily be part of everyday life by encouraging ‘everyday cycling for everyone’ ” suggest organisers at, be it for “fun, as a means of getting around to work or school, the local shops or just to visit friends.”

Why should I be out cycling?

Whilst being out on a bike can provide social and environmental benefits, from our perspective, the obvious benefit to us is around your health.


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According to research [The Big Bike Revival – Scotland Case Studies 2016-17 (Cycling UK); Association between active commuting and incident cardiovascular disease, cancer, and mortality (academic paper)] regular cycling to work can lower the risk of cancer by around 45% and lower the risk of cardiovascular disease compared to commuting by car or public transport by 46%.

And, of course, there’s benefits for your bottom!  Pushing those pedals can work wonders for toning one’s rear-end.  What’s not to like?!

If getting those legs pumping for hours on end is not your cup of tea, why not take a slightly less strenuous option and go for an electric battery-assisted bike?  There’s still some activity needed from you of course, but you can extend your journey length without tiring you out completely.


Cycling can promote a feeling of wellbeing – the fresh and air and sun on your skin can do wonders for emptying out a full mind, reviving a lethargic body or improving your state of being.


Obviously choosing your route carefully is important – with the volume of traffic on the roads increasing week by week it might be an opportunity to find out about local cycling routes near to you.  You might even find a shorter route to a regular destination – maybe with a refreshment stop en-route?!


Whatever you decide to do why not give cycling a go?

Not sure your limbs are up to it?  Make an appointment to visit one of our physiotherapy team – before or after your planned activity – and they will ensure that you’re good to GO!


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