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CACI in Cheshire – Your choice for fabulous skin

CACI in Cheshire – With stars as bright as Jennifer Aniston and Emma Stone among its celebrity disciples, it’s no wonder the CACI facial has been voted the most effective anti-ageing treatment available.

But luckily you don’t need to travel to Hollywood to feel like a movie star – CACI is available right here in Cheshire at Knutsford’s leading Brookdale clinic.

CACI facial treatments are the multi-faceted, results-proven solution to a range of skin and image issues helping to boost the confidence of our clients across Cheshire. The innovative, non-surgical treatment is a safe, painless way to tackle the host of niggling insecurities that many of us have, and can you leave all of us looking – and feeling – rejuvenated.


How CACI works

As we age, our facial muscles lose tone, but with CACI these muscles can be stimulated and exercised to achieve a non-invasive face lift. CACI (which stands for Computer Aided Cosmetology Instrument) can stimulate all 32 of these muscles using electrical pulses.

CACI Facials at The Brookdale ClinicUsing low-intensity micro-currents, CACI tones and targets those muscles to eradicate wrinkles and fine lines and prevent sagging, it’s the non-invasive alternative to a surgical face lift that gives great results with none of the side effects of invasive surgery.

When you visit the Brookdale clinic in Cheshire for a CACI facial treatment, you’ll leave full of confidence in your glowing, youthful appearance. You can maximise the effects of your CACI treatment with booster sessions to maintain your new and improved look.

Why choose Brookdale?

With 17 years professional experience in the beauty industry, our specialist CACI facial expert in Cheshire, Josna, will work with you to provide a tailored, individual treatment, specially designed around your face’s unique makeup to give the results you desire for your skin.

Josna works continually to introduce the latest non-surgical laser treatments to all our Cheshire clients and is happy to answer any questions you may have.

Why not call our wonderful team today on 01565 651832 and get closer to the skin you want with a consultation with Josna.

CACI uniquely combines toning, LED Light Therapy and microdermabrasion to achieve results.

CACI facials can be used to rejuvenate and renew skin that has suffered from confidence sapping conditions such as acne, dullness and uneven tone as well as to boost, hydrate and plump face, eyes and lips.

CACI can be used to lift the sensitive eye area and uses crystal-free dermabrasion to provide safe skin solutions.

CACI: Cheshire’s natural choice

We are the natural choice for those seeking excellence in Cheshire and we are fully confident you will love your look after a CACI facial from us.

Lines, wrinkles, decreased volume – no one is untouched by the natural signs of ageing. But if yours are diminishing your confidence, there’s no need to live with them.

Laughing, smiling, frowning – our expressions all take a toll on our skin but who wants to stop them?

Not us! CACI facials reduce these signs whilst leaving skin with greater elasticity to ensure you can carry on living a life full of laughter. CACI is helping our Cheshire clients reduce and prevent further signs of ageing, we’re confident you’ll want to tell your friends!

Create confidence with CACI treatment in Cheshire 

Along with the hugely popular celebrity favourite CACI, we have a wide range of other non-surgical skin solutions on offer at Brookdale, all carried by our expert and experienced clinicians in a relaxing, safe environment. If you’d like to see which treatments you could combine with CACI for a complete makeover, visit our treatment page here.

Wedding wonderful

If your big day is approaching and you’re nervous about those all-important photos, why not book in for a pre-nuptial pamper at Brookdale in Cheshire and face your day brimming with confidence. A rejuvenating CACI facial from us in Cheshire will give you the close-up skin of your dreams, with improved tone, texture and lift – the perfect base for your wedding make up. Why not check out our latest offers and see how competitive CACI in Cheshire is from Brookdale.

CACI treatments last for between 15 and 90 minutes – you can enjoy a quick lip plump ready for that big party or a full face treatment to target multiple issues. CACI’s LED Light Therapy and electric pulse technology can be combined with hydrating masks and microdermabrasion to create a complete, confidence and skin transforming treatment.

For the latest beauty news, offers and to hear what our happy customers have to say, find us on Facebook.

At Brookdale, we offer accessible, convenient and highly discreet service in an environment that is supremely professional and relaxing.

We all know that to keep our body in tip top condition we need a healthy combination of nutrition and exercise – our faces are no different! CACI treatments are the ultimate face workout and with help from our knowledgeable Cheshire team your skin can be fit and fabulous!

The Brookdale Clinic has been the trusted choice for Cheshire clients for ten years, discover how we can help you today. Call today on 01565 651832.

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