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Christmas is a-coming! Tips for keeping calm

Today, with Christmas only a few weeks away, our hypno-psychotherapist and counsellor Annette has a festive message for you.  So, it’s over to you Anne…

We’re fast approaching the busiest time of the year and it’s now that we need all the help and support we can to really make the most of what should be a really uplifting and wonderful time.

As an integrative psychotherapist and wellbeing retreat facilitator, Christmas is especially important to me. It is a time for reflection as the year draws to a close and a time to think about all those we love. We can look back at what we’ve achieved, overcome and learnt since the last festive season and we can look forward to the future and the plans we’re making for the year to come.

Getting the best out of the Christmas season

Here are my top tips for getting the very best out of the season:

  1. Prepare for the season by eating well and healthily – satsumas are in plentiful supply now!The Brookdale Clinic Christmas
  2. Pace yourself with alcohol – perhaps try a few festive mocktails to keep your spirits up or alternate each glass of fizz with tonic or soda.
  3. Plan in plenty of early nights in between the parties and big events. Sleeping well rejuvenates and replenishes the body. Your skin will than you for it in the long run!
  4. Take some walks in nature and immerse yourself in this beautiful season where mother nature beds down for the winter and all is calm and peaceful ready for the new year and following spring. Let your mind go free.
  5. And finally – and most importantly – take time for you. Pamper yourself a little and come into the clinic for some time out. How about a massage with our Clinic Manager, Josna? Just feel the tension ease away. Or a deep relaxation hypnotherapy session with me? Have your tootsies pampered by our wonderful chiropodist Lisa – I can safely say my feet always feel the benefit. It will be like walking on air when you go to do your Christmas shopping!

Here at the Brookdale with our expertise, care and commitment to our clientele wellbeing we can meet all your festive needs under one roof!