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Benefits of Post-Operative Physiotherapy at The Brookdale Clinic

Why early treatment is beneficial to your post-operative recovery

Today one of our physiotherapists – Cathie – shares the experience of one of her physiotherapy Cathie Stone - Physiotherapistpatients who self-referred to the clinic a week after having undergone a knee operation.

We’ll call him ‘Jim’.

Jim had undergone surgery for a lateral release (a surgical procedure to release tight structures on the outer or lateral aspect of the kneecap).  The hospital did not offer any immediate follow-up post-operative physiotherapy and very little advice was given as to how he should progress or how he could expect to feel after surgery.

He was limping badly on crutches; his knee was bent at a 30° angle and he was unable to straighten it.  Jim was also not sleeping due to the ongoing pain in his leg.  Physiotherapy sessions at the hospital were arranged for 4 weeks post-surgery which meant he would be in pain for a whole month.  Fortunately, he had the presence of mind to seek advice from our team who are experienced in rehabilitating patients through both pre and post-operative physiotherapy treatment.

Jim came in for his first session with Cathie after which his knee was much straighter and he was able to walk better.  Using specialist cryotherapy (chiller/cooling system) to reduce the swelling and pain, plus some hands-on treatment to the soft tissues, coupled with muscle mobilising and strengthening exercises, his knee was more supple and he was in much less pain.  Naturally, Jim was delighted with the result.

Because he sought early intervention, Jim only required 4 sessions of treatment over 2 weeks.  If it had been left until the planned appointment (4 weeks post-surgery) he would have been quite disabled and it would have taken much longer for him to recover.

We see many patients like Jim in similar circumstances and the message is clear.  The earlier you come for treatment, usually the better the result.  Our physiotherapists will be able to tell you when and if it’s appropriate to get moving again.  Don’t worry – we won’t push you too early.

With 3 highly experienced physiotherapists here in our Knutsford clinic, covering Monday-Friday with morning and evening appointments available, we are more than able to support you along your journey back to full recovery.  Pick up the phone and call us on 01565 651832 or use our contact form to make your appointment today.