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What’s involved with a Hollywood facial?

Just what IS a Hollywood Facial?  A question you may have asked yourself, perhaps?  Sounds glamorous and you’d expect fabulous results like the celebrities, no?

YES!  You can achieve this look here at The Brookdale Clinic!

Duo Facial -at The Brookdale Clinic

Hollywood Facials Available


These pictures show a Duo Facial treatment carried out by our skin clinician Josna, who regularly delights clients with her expert application.   It involves microdermabrasion of the skin, followed by laser treatment, leaving a brighter and more refreshed look.


If you want to go a step further, there’s the Triad Facial which involves the treatment as mentioned above, plus a facial peel.


Click here to see the current prices for both Hollywood Duo Facial and Hollywood Triad Facial treatments.

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