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Blog - Finance at The Brookdale Clinic

Finance your Future

We hear about Finance options all over the place these days; from cars to sofas, dental work to implants!  And now we are able to offer our very own Finance Option to our clients too!

How can I afford my treatment?

accounting- The Brookdale ClinicIf you’ve ever worried about how you’ll afford the cost of some treatments, well worry no more!   Here at The Brookdale Clinic we’re now able to offer a 0% Interest Free Option to you (subject to approval from Medifinance) so that you can achieve the look and feel you want, whilst spreading the cost of your payments over a 6, 10 or 12 month period.

How much Finance can I have?

You can borrow from £250 up to £25,000 if needed!

So, if for instance you’ve been considering an Anti-wrinkle treatment with Dr Liz that is estimated to cost £650, then you could be looking at paying the following;

  • £108.33 per month over 6 months
  • 65 per month over 10 months
  • 54.17 per month over 12 months

Now how much more affordable does this look to you?!

Try the Loan Calculator below for yourself!  Simply enter the amount of your treatment below to find out how much you’d be paying each month.

Why would I need to use Finance option?

Our Interest Free option is perfect for solving the conundrum of how you’ll pay for some of those longer-term courses of treatment that once done, you’ll rarely need again!  Think permanent hair removal, Skin tightening body treatments and tattoo removal.  Don’t put them off any longer – spread the cost with NO interest!

The process is simple – we take some basic information from you in order to start the process, then you will be sent an online application for completion (really simple & easy to use), after which your details will hopefully be approved by MediFinance and they’ll be able to secure your payment directly to us within a matter of days!  So no waiting for funds to come into your account, banking cheques or having payments to us show in your own account.

Certain restrictions do apply of course;

  • You must be 18 or over
  • Employed for at least 16 hours per week or be in receipt of a private or company pension (or have a partner who qualifies for this aspect)
  • Be a permanent UK resident with at least 3 years address history

So, some finance food for though!

Get in touch and ask us about our Finance Option so we can get the ball rolling for you!

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