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Improve your skin and body this year

Welcome to 2017!   Today our skin clinician Josna shares her thoughts with you about why improving your skin and body is important. Over to you Josna…

It’s January and we’re amid the cold winter months.  And how do you feel?  Overworked?  Stressed?  Dull and lifeless?  You won’t be alone but the lucky ones amongst us might still have a spring in our step.  How’s that?  By taking care of ourselves!

Make 2017 the year you take care of YOU!

Living longer and looking good ‘for our age’ begins with our health and lifestyle and those key ingredients to living our lives to the full can be enhanced by taking advice from the professionals.  Our skin needs feeding and nurturing just like our bodies; with good nutrition, exercise and that all-important relaxation!  Not everyone can do all three but as most personal trainers will tell you “doing something is better than doing nothing”.

Happy, healthy you at The brookdale Clinic

Here at The Brookdale Clinic we have a range of treatments that can help you to feel better in yourself; be it in your physical stature with physiotherapy sessions, or your personal appearance with our non-surgical beauty treatments.

So, as we begin this new year and we look forward to making improvements in ourselves and to others around us, start small and the rest will follow.  Keep your eyes peeled for our Special Offers this January – and throughout the year – to help you maintain your zeal right through 2017!

Don’t delay – contact us to book your consultation.  See what we can do to help you feel great again!