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Reasons to drink more water

Drink more water.

That’s what we’re always being told; by GPs, in magazines, by beauty specialists – and in blogs like these.  But why?  Ok, so we all know that the body is made up of around 60% water and that without it we would die, but we thought we’d share some other reasons why you should drink more water – your body will thank you for it!


How much ‘more’ water should you drink?

NHS Guidelines suggest that the average person should aim to drink at least Drinking water at The Brookdale Clinic6-8 glasses of water each day, but how can you keep track of how much you’re drinking?  An idea to help you drink more water is to fill a one or two litre bottle with water from your tap (or buy in bottled) and keep it in the fridge, topping up your glass throughout the day.  This way you can be sure that you’ve had your daily allowance.


Why we suggest you should drink more water

As a centre of excellence offering a range of aesthetic and physiotherapy treatments, we know a thing or two this, so here are just 5 reasons that you should drink more water;

  1. Enjoy a healthier overall disposition – Drinking plenty of water encourages cell renewal and reduces that feeling of fatigue which will give you an improved look and make you feel better all round!
  2. Brighten your skin – Plenty of water through your body can help to flush out nasty toxins which in turn, can help to reduce common skin complaints such as acne, blackheads, itchy skin and an uneven skin tone.  Remember that phrase “You are what you eat”..?
  3. Slow down premature ageing – If you aren’t properly hydrated your organs have to work harder to achieve the same results.  Think of your body as a lubricated car engine; the more well-oiled it is, the better it will run and the better you will feel and look!
  4. Repair your body – Just as your skin will look and feel better from having plenty of water through your system, your insides can benefit too.  If you suffer from stiff or aching joints, then along with a session of physiotherapy, an increased amount of water can help to cushion out your cartilage and speed up repairs to your joints.
  5. Avoid excessive weight gain – By filling up your body with a glass of water when it ‘thinks’ it is hungry, it will stop you from wanting to eat sweet or sugary foods and keep your weight in balance.

If an increased water intake isn’t working for you, or if you want a more ‘immediate’ fix, then here at the Brookdale clinic we offer a range of treatments to help you look and feel better much sooner.  Have a look around our website to see what we offer.

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