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New – Reflexology

We can now offer Reflexology sessions on Saturdays with our reflexologist Lynn Paalman. 

Lynn’s Profile: 

“I’m registered and listed with the Federation of Holistic Therapies, Professional Standards Authority Accredited Register, so can put MFHT after my name.

I became aware of Aromatherapy when my father was diagnosed with cancer. Feeling so hopeless I wanted to help my family with the anxiety illness brings.

I have worked as a Therapist for nearly 20 years, firstly mobile in client’s homes.  For the last seven years I have worked in the corporate wellness area helping employees manage their stress levels and proving sports massages to help with injuries.

I have enjoyed helping people feel better with the various treatments I have trained in.  As an Aromatherapist I can blend specific oils for use with reflexology treatments if the client requires.   I use natural carrier products including Alani reflexology balm and Highland Wax.

Reflexology has lots of holistic body benefits including stress and anxiety relief, improving mood and sleep, easing headache and migraines, aiding digestion and improving the flow of lymph.”