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Facial Thread Lifts

Let’s face facts – we all want a younger and fresher look.  Our NEW Facial Thread Lift therapy treatment at our Knutsford clinic will help you achieve this by reducing signs of ageing and improving collagen production!

It’s the perfect solution for sagging skin and wrinkles caused by ageing, UV exposure and your lifestyle choices.

How do Facial Thread Lifts work?Elionce face - Thread Lifts at The Brookdale Clinic

We use 11cm long PDO (Polydioxanone) threads which each have 100 little ‘heart’ shaped snags on them, to gently lift the tissue creating a younger, firmer looking skin.  The threads hold the tissue and lift the skin when tensioned.

They are completely safe to use – it’s the same material used in dissolving stitches which dissolve over a 3-month period.  During this time, they stimulate the production of collagen which maintains the lift for up to 18mths (this may vary for each person).

Which areas can you treat with Facial Thread Lift Therapy?

Thread lifts are perfect for giving your face that extra lift.  They can help improve the look of your cheeks, chin, nose to mouth area and jowls.

How is the Facial Thread Lift Therapy carried out?

Book your initial FREE 30-minute consultation with Dr Liz to assess your suitability for treatment.  A further appointment will be made for you to have the thread lift procedure, once you’ve had time to consider.
Carrying out the treatment itself takes around 30 minutes, but your appointment will last around an hour to ensure that you are not rushed.
Local anaesthetic is applied in the hairline at the point where each thread is to be inserted, minimising any discomfort, before a hollow cannula is used to insert the thread.  It’s then removed leaving the thread and its tiny little heart shaped hooks, doing the work of lifting the skin.  Usually at least 4 threads are needed on each side of the face to achieve the desired lift.

Am I suitable for thread lift treatment and does it hurt?

Your suitability for treatment will be assessed by Dr Liz at your FREE 30-minute consultation.  The treatment can be done in conjunction with dermal filler, if desired, to achieve a lift with volume.
We are unable to carry out the thread lift treatment if you are pregnant.

Any discomfort is minimised with the use of anaesthetic.

What can I expect after facial thread lift treatment?

Immediately after treatment your skin will be lifted and feel firmer.
We recommend that you avoid having any treatments such as facials or dental treatment in the week after your thread lift.  Avoid sports; particularly contact or high impact training, as well as running until your review appointment 2 weeks after treatment.  It is advisable to sleep on your back if possible to enhance the effects of the treatment.

Are there any side effects to having thread lift treatment?

There may be some mild swelling and light bruising or redness following treatment which should subside naturally over a few days.  Paracetamol should be sufficient to relieve this but do not take aspirin/anti-inflammatory medicines.  In the unlikely event of further discomfort, Dr Liz will be happy to advise you on the best course of action.

How long does a facial thread lift treatment take?

Carrying out the treatment itself takes around 30 minutes, but your appointment will last around an hour to ensure that you are not rushed and that all your questions have been answered.

How many Facial Thread Lift Therapy treatments are needed?

In most cases one treatment is all that is required.  You should attend a review appointment 1 month post-treatment, although there is always someone at the clinic if you have concerns before this.  The thread lift giving younger, firmer looking skin should last approximately 18months, however, results vary by individual.

How do I book my Thread Lift consultation?

Book your FREE initial 30-minute consultation with our facial & oral surgeon Dr Liz to assess your suitability for treatment.  During this time, she will fully explain how the treatment works, what will be suitable for you and your skin, and she will answer any questions you may have.  A further appointment will be made for you to have the thread lift procedure, once you’ve had time to consider all the details.

Call us on 01565 651832 to book your Facial Thread Lift Therapy consultation at our Knutsford clinic today!

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