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Rehabilitation pre and post-surgery

Physiotherapy can be extremely beneficial after any form of surgery such as orthopaedic, knee or hip replacement, helping you to achieve the best results from your operation.

Arm support at The Brookdale Clinic

What is rehabilitation?

It can be defined as “The action of restoring someone to health or normal life through training and therapy after imprisonment, addiction, or illness”.

It is essential that the correct form of rehabilitation is undertaken after surgery to enable you to return to carrying out everyday activities that may have been affected; from simply being able to put on your socks in the morning to brushing your hair.  Whilst these may appear to be ‘normal’ activities, surgery may have restricted your ability to carry out these seemingly simple tasks.

Our physiotherapists at The Brookdale Clinic work closely with surgeons to ensure good post-operative results and use a range of techniques including ultrasound and cold therapy to help you achieve a good recovery.

Ultrasound treatment at The Brookdale Clinic                             Arm training as part of rehabilitation at The Brookdale Clinic

How do I book a Physiotherapy appointment?

Simply pick up the phone and dial 01565 651832 to ask any questions you may have and to book your appointment with one of our Physiotherapy team.  Or use the contact form here.  We have appointment slots early morning and into the evening to accommodate our patients where we can.