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Self-help for whiplash injury at The Brookdale Clinic

Self-help for whiplash injuries

Are you suffering from whiplash injuries in the form of a strained back or neck?

With the dark nights well and truly upon us, we’re becoming increasingly aware that the number of car accidents taking place is on the rise at this time of year.  Lauren, our Physiotherapist has been treating several patients with strain injuries recently, who are really feeling the after-effects of impact damage.

So how can you deal with your whiplash injury after a minor car accident?

Lauren has the following 3 simple tips for you;

  1. The best way is to keep moving!  This will encourage your muscles to start working in their ‘usual’ way and get you back to normal activity and movement.
  2. Sore neck?  Radial movement – that’s turning your head slowly from left to right – and encouraging gentle stretching of the muscles will help to alleviate your whiplash pain.
  3. Keep warm!  A simple hot water bottle or warm wheat bag applied to your back, neck or other area that’s sore will help to relax the muscles and ease any stiffness.

In all honesty, there’s only so much that you can do to help yourself in these situations and if your own self-help isn’t making much of a difference to your pain levels, then it’s worth booking in to see a Physiotherapist here at The Brookdale Clinic.  Our trained experts will be able to assess the extent of your injury and range of movement, allowing for your capabilities and will walk you through the right exercises to get you back to your pre-accident state.

We see privately paying patients as well as those who are funded through health insurance companies.  If you are unsure whether you have private medical cover for treatment, please get in touch with your insurer or speak to one of our staff who will advise you.  Our physiotherapists are HCPC Registered and fully qualified in their field.

Stay safe out on the roads, keep active and warm this winter.

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