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Skin peels


So you’ve heard of facial peels, but never really understood what they are and how they work?  Read on to find out!

Why would I want a facial peel?

Here at The Brookdale Clinic we offer a slow releasing medical grade peel treatment, ideal for;
• Skin ageing / dull complexion
• Acne control & acne marks
• Pigmentation marks / Milk spots (milia)
• Improved skin texture & more even complexion / skin tightening

Facial peels at The Brookdale Clinic

How do facial peels work?

Natural acids are applied to the skin to deeply exfoliate dead epidermal layers.  Unlike the chemical peels of old, Aspect Dr.© and Neostrata are superficial strength peels.  This means that they only remove the surface layer of skin, acting as an exfoliation, leaving you ready to face the rest of your day.

Aspect Dr peel at The Brookdale Clinic

Aspect Dr.© is a lactobotanical peel and we use two strengths; 20% and 30%, which both remove dead skin cells with the extra advantage of being extremely hydrating.




Neostrata peel at The Brookdale Clinic

The Neostrata peel is a glycolic acid formulation and is similar in its effects, but is more specifically focused for oily/acne prone/ skin.



These gentle approaches still give results but unlike more aggressive treatments you’re able to “Peel and Go” after you’ve had your treatment – ideal if you’d like to rejuvenate your skin and achieve a refreshed look.


What happens during a peel treatment?  Does it hurt?

When you enjoy a peel treatment, your skin is gently cleansed and the chosen peel for you is applied to your skin, at which point you may feel a tingling sensation as the peel takes effect (felt more by some than others).

No pain.

No scrubbing.

This is a relaxing and enjoyable treatment taking around 30 minutes, which gives a warm sensation as the peel works.

After “neutralising” the peel thoroughly, a hydrating skin care product is applied followed by an SPF 50 sun care cream. We always recommend using an SPF 50 cream – daily – throughout the year, tinted or un-tinted, and these can be purchased from us here at The Brookdale Clinic.

You may look a little bit pink afterwards but you will be able to continue your daily activities.  On the evening after the treatment you can cleanse and moisturise as usual and further home exfoliation should be avoided for at least 2 weeks.

How do I book a peel treatment?Josna Crick at The Brookdale Clinic

Contact us for more information or book a free consultation with our skin clinician, Josna, on 01565 651832.

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