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How soon will I see results after IPL Hair Removal at The Brookdale Clinic, Knustford

When will I see results from Laser Hair Removal or IPL treatment?

This is a question we get asked many times by new clients.

It’s important to understand that Laser Hair Removal or IPL treatment isn’t an overnight quick fix.  As with many things (diets included!) you have to follow the rules over a period of time.

The number of sessions needed varies according to the part of the body being treated, due to the variability in the number of follicles.  So, to remove facial hair you’ll need more sessions than if you’re removing leg hair, for instance.  Many people get the result they want with 6 sessions, but others need more, and this can depend on many factors such as hair colour and hormones.

To get the very best out of your course of hair removal it’s essential that you have IPL treatment every month.  This is because hair grows in 3 phases – active, semi-active or dormant.  The laser can only kill an actively growing hair follicle, so by returning on a regular basis for treatment, it ensures that we can ‘catch’ the hair whilst it’s in its active phase.

Shaving in-between treatments is absolutely fine too.  Smooth legs - The Brookdale Clinic, KnutsfordPeople often ask how many hairs can be treated at once and the answer is that unlike electrolysis which treats hairs singularly, the IPL hair removal system destroys a large block of hairs in one go making it a much quicker treatment.

If you’re planning your summer get-away then now is the time to think about booking your hair removal sessions, plus having treatment BEFORE you get a suntan is essential.  Starting sooner rather than later means you’ll have a much-reduced amount of hair by the time you’re ready to jet off to the sun.  And don’t forget – always use a high SPF sun cream after having laser hair removal treatment.

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