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Why everyone’s going La La Land for the CACI facial!

It’s the movie of the moment – a tale of theatre, jazz and romance, a love story set amidst music and dance. And the bright lights are shining on the stars of the show too!  The beautiful Emma Stone and dashing Ryan Gosling take centre stage, singing and dancing their way through this cinematic wonder.

So just how do the stars keep looking fabulous, darrrling?

Well it has been reported that Golden Globe winner and Oscar-nominated Emma Stone is a lover of the CACI facial.  And here at The Brookdale clinic we can make you feel like a red carpet superstar too!  We offer a range of CACI treatments – from a quick ‘Party Lip Plump’ right up to the ‘Anti-Ageing Ultimate Facial’.

These treatments all involve the use of tiny electrical pulses and LED light therapy to plump up the skin andCACI Hydratone facial offered at The Brookdale Clinic, Knutsford target the muscles that tend to lose tone with age, and in turn smooth out those fine lines and wrinkles to restore that youthful look we all yearn for!  Add in a hydrating facial mask or some microdermabrasion and you will really feel refreshed and ready for the red carpet!

You can see more about our CACI treatments here.  Treatment times range from 15mins-90mins.

To book your CACI treatment with Josna, please call us on 01565 651832.