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Why its good to talk - The Brookdale Clinic

Why it’s good to talk

It’s good to talk.  That’s what people say.

‘Talking therapies’ are the words on everyone’s lips right now.

If you missed the recent FaceTime call between Prince William and Lady GaGa (you can watch it here) then you might not have seen the subsequent exposure that followed all about opening up and talking to one another.  The Heads Together charity which helps to support those suffering from mental health issues was chosen as the London Marathon’s charity of the year with the aim of raising awareness and encouraging people to speak out about what’s on their minds. #OkToSay

People go through tough times – fact.

Some people can deal with tough times – no problem.

Others ‘deal’ with tough times in their own way – on the surface all might appear to be ‘well and good’, but underneath they could be harbouring a whole host of issues.

It was recently revealed that since Lady Diana died almost 20 years ago, her sons haven’t really opened up to talk to each other (or to others elsewhere) about what went on, and more importantly, about how they were (and are) feeling.  Who knows what impact that has had on their lives over that time.  How many unanswered questions spinning around their heads?  How many missed opportunities because they couldn’t share their feelings?  Sound familiar?

Our clinical psychology experts here at The Brookdale Clinic talk to their clients confidentially, patiently and with respect.  But most importantly of all – they LISTEN.  Being able to share your concerns and fears with a trained therapist allows you to feel more supported.  And through talking to one another, you will gain the confidence and strategies to identify and tackle whatever it is that’s been holding you back.  Using a variety of techniques including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) you can be assured of moving forward in a positive frame of mind.

We can help with whatever is troubling you; anxiety, low mood or self-esteem, depression, panic, behavioural difficulties, phobias and fears, PTSD or post-traumatic stress, eating disorders, any obsessions and anger.

If you are feeling insecure and in need of a listening ear, then please do pick up the phone and call us on 01565 651832 to make an appointment here in our Knutsford clinic.